Q: How hard is it to settle a personal injury accident case?

A: It will depend on a number of issues, such as:

- The person or entity that is potentially liable for the accident and injuries that occurred.
- The Insurance company that you have to deal with.
- Particular circumstances involving your accident.
- The severity and seriousness of your injuries.

Q: I do not live in Florida; will I have to come back to Florida because of my personal injury case?

A: You may have to come back to Florida for some court appearances, while for some others for others your Florida personal injury attorney may be allowed to represent you and appear in court on your behalf. It really depends on the nature of the hearing and the type of court appearance.

Q: How much do you charge for legal fees?

A: Most Personal Injury Accident Lawyers in Florida work on a "contingency fee" basis. Under the basic arrangement, an attorney will only receive legal fees for representing you if end up receiving compensation from accident lawsuit.

Percentage of fees that a personal injury attorney may charge typically start at 33.3%; if there is a need to file a lawsuit after a failure to reach a settlement agreement, then after an “answer”, the legal fees rise to a total of 40%.

The lawyer’s fees are the first to be subtracted if there is a recovery amount, followed by the costs of the case and medical bills; the remainder will be the net amount of your compensation, in most cases.

If there is an appeal, legal fees may further increase 5%.

However, if you sue the State of Florida, then attorney fees cannot be more than 25%.

Q: How long will it take before by personal injury lawsuit is settled?

A: Remember that there is no guarantee that your claim will result in a settlement, but assuming that your case does settles, the amount of time that will transpire before that settlement is reached will vary.

What if after filing your lawsuit the insurance company finally realizes that you are indeed serious about your claim for compensation and then decides to make an early settlement offer? Or perhaps they have decided that they do not want a reputation for settling claims; making it necessary for your case to go to trial where a jury would decide what (if any) monetary compensation you may be entitled to.

If a settlement cannot be reached with the insurance company and your case does ends up going to trial, a personal injury claim In Florida, may take a year, and sometimes even two years, before it is finally resolved; notwithstanding a potential appeals process, which may further extend the length of a final resolution.

Q: Should I give my statement to the defendant’s insurance adjuster?

A: It is really hard for us to determine an answer to this question without knowing the full facts of your case. However, unless you’re just looking for a very small amount of compensation, it is not the best idea to the insurance adjuster every little detail relating to your accident and the injuries that resulted from it, because you can pretty easily mess up without even realizing it.

Q: How much will the expenses be for my personal injury case?

Once more, it depends, because the expenses related to a personal injury lawsuit will hinge upon on the circumstances surrounding your accident and the severity of your injuries; the fact is that each case is unique.

Also, it will depend on how far your particular case ends up going before that point in which it settles; if that indeed does happens.

Q: Do I have to pay you anything for my lawsuit if I do not win?

No. Considering that most Miami Personal Injury Law Firms work based on a contingency basis, if you do not recover compensation for your injuries, then you will not be required to pay for costs of representation or legal fees.

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