Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

This page offers information on bicycle accidents and injuries to bike riders including such subjects as::

– Bicyclist Hit by a Car.
– Getting Doored by a parked car.
– Automobiles and heavy machinery on the road turning left and/or right, without seeing or ignoring a lawful-riding cyclist and crashing into the bicyclist.
– Florida Helmet Laws and regulations and use of helmets while riding a bike.
– Legal issues involving bike accident injury claims for compensation.
– The importance of having an experienced Personal Injury Law Firm by your side to represent you in your bicycle accident lawsuit against the negligent and responsible party (parties) for your bike injuries.

Bikes are wonderful. They allow you to experience independence,invigorating exercise, , are really eco-friendly and help keep you healthy. Bike riders are entitled by law to share the road with motorists and motorists are expected to grant them due respect. Unfortunately this is not often the case.

When you ride a bike, particularly road and multiple speed racing bicycles, your body position and toe-clips, or specialized bicycle footwear with clips, can produce fast on and off braking, challenging in an emergency.

The automobile has every one of the advantages: velocity, steel, weight and, needless to say, 4 wheels and tires for stability.

Who’s going to win this kind of matchup in a collision ? Motorists should look out for bikes just as much or more than bicyclists ought to be cautious about cars, trucks, and tractor trailers.

There are various typical crash situations involving bikes and autos. Do any of these describe your own experience?

– A car enters your lane ;unexpectedly, and crashes into you and your bicycle.
– A vehicle door opens into your lane of travel because the vehicle driver did not look out for bicycles before opening the door.
– The driver of an automobile, and especially the driver of a van or pickup, is going to make a right turn, looks left to check for traffic and fails to see that you’re there, crashing into you.
– You entered the intersection but the driver was completely unaware that you were also there.
– A vehicle swerves into the bike path and impacts you and your bicycle.
– Getting doored, or getting hit by a vehicle whose motorist was driving while ‘intexticated’ – also known as texting while driving.

Florida has numerous flat roadways, great for going the distance on your bicycle ( if you’re able to take the heat), and bikes are commonplac in South Florida and close to the Coastline. Throughout the State of Florida, including, Naples, Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, to name only a few of the main cities in the Sunshine State, bikers enjoy riding, often where cars and trucks are traveling with them. Unfortunately many areas of our cities lack designated bike paths.

Bike Accidents and Bike Accidental Injury Lawsuits call for an attorney who focuses on the little details of the evidence, because doing so can mean the difference betrween victory and loss in the courtroom. You will find that imprtant pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are revealed through examination of these little details, particularly if there aren’t any eyewitnesses or you ended up being knocked unconscious in the crash or were hit suddenly and cannot recall much about what happened.

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