Nerve Damage From IV

Nerve Damage From IV

The insertion of a needle into the body for purposes of supplying medicine or delivering fluids is a necessary act. But it must be done within standards and protocols.

Most importantly, it must be followed up with good and reasonable attention, to make sure that a nerve is not involved, and that the needle will not cause permanent and lasting nerve damage.

Because the nerves in the arm or hand are often so very close to one another, or even overlapping the area of the insertion point, it is easy to understand that a nerve may be pinched or encounter the needle. But a nurse, doctor or other medical health care worker should be on the alert for the signs and symptoms of nerve related issues when giving an IV.

It is possible that the IV did not actually touch the nerve, but because of the amount of fluid pushed through the IV, or the patient’s medical condition and the thickness or viscosity of the substance flowing from the IV to the patient that the area will become swollen.

This process of the liquid not getting absorbed quickly is called an "infiltration" or “infiltrate".

Sort of like a water balloon, the area will be filled with a substance it is not ready to accept so quickly or so much of. Too much to absorb, and then the liquid starts to put pressure on the nerves. This indirect pressure, even though the needle is not directly in contact with the nerve can also be due to negligence, and can also be a cause of IV nerve damage.

If you suffer from an IV injury which has caused you permanent nerve damage, there are good reasons why it was likely preventable and as medical malpractice lawyers we can look over the records and listen to your explanation about what happened.

Often, what really was said and done is widely different from the medical records.

Hospital IV caused permanent nerve damage can be the subject of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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