Prescription Errors

Prescription Errors

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The majority of people are unaware of the seriousness of having been prescribed the wrong medication, or how a simple mistake from a pharmacist at your local drug store can result in the wrong medicine being given to you – a mistake that can cause serious injuries and even be deadly for the victims.

Pharmacies are not the only places where prescription errors and medication mistakes occur; hospitals are also a place where this type of negligence occurs.

You almost certainly never checked to ensure that you're getting the medication your doctor prescribed, simply because you are ill and that is certainly not your job to carry out... Would you realize it, anyway? You were so ill that you simply had been sleeping all the time or perhaps in intense discomfort and pain.

We have even known of physicians who have been themselves put in the hospital for an operation or treatment and the wrong patient’s medication was given to them.

The thing is that you were susceptible, and in a healthcare facility or hospital which had the obligation to prescribe, fill up and dispense the correct drugs and at in the correct quantity and medication dosage.

It may be significant or even deadly pharmacy negligence to combine or mix medications, which may have harmful lethal effects and medicine side effects or allergic reactions. Some medications when given together are just like fuel and a match; they are often fatal when combined.

If you were injured due to pharmacy negligence or a prescription mistake made by your doctor, here are some things that Personal Injury Lawyers usually recommend for you to do:

-- Save the bottles of your medication or prescription and keep the pills, if there are any left in the bottle, to show that you did not overdose yourself by accidentally taking more than you were supposed to.

-- Get a printout from all the drug stores and pharmacies you regularly go to get your prescriptions at; especially in the case of that you prescriptions to be filled at more than one pharmacy.

-- Do not talk or speak to insurance company representatives of the hospital, doctor, or pharmacy, without first discussing your case with an attorney.

-- Make the necessary arrangements to obtain legal advice as soon as possible after the event, due to the time-periods and limits to file a claim or lawsuit Florida – also known as Statutes of Limitations – which are usually short.

Lastly, it is very important that you seek the advice of Law Firm in Florida that’s experienced in litigating these matters. Yes, there is decent information on the internet regarding prescriptions and medications nowadays, but that doesn’t substitute for the knowledge of an actual expert in these matters.

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