Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents

Here are a couple of the most frequent and regularly encountered slip and fall accidents your Miami Law Firm is going to be informed about:

-- Mopped up or leaking water without any warning or caution signs;

-- Oil and grease, in particular at service stations;

-- A recently shined up floor;

-- A market with produce lying down on the ground around the aisle;

-- A shopping location with merchandise that fell on the ground, or maybe wet and slippery items in the check-out counter.

Florida has unique legislation regarding exactly what comprises reasonable measures from store managers and operators of retail establishments to avoid slip and fall accidental injuries from taking place.

Slip and Fall scenarios involve certain documentation and quite often will need immediate investigation; for instance, photos as well as measurements of the accident location.

Your Miami Slip and Fall Law firm understands the fact that evidence needs to be safeguarded - please do not dispose of the garments you had been donning in the time of your accident!

Keep your shoes and don't use them again up until you consult with a skilled Miami Personal Injury Lawyer with regards to your accident scenario as well as the accidental injuries you sustained!

In case that you were shopping and bought something, save your sales invoice and receipt for your records.

Secure the cellphone record for that day, in particular when it demonstrates that you were not distracted talking or texting on your cell phone during the moment that the accident took place.

Did the shop have monitoring video cameras? Were they targeted in your direction? The official government weather report pertaining to the day ought to be obtained if it was raining on that day.

Experienced Florida Slip and Fall Law firms understand to ask about these sorts of circumstances that could end up proving critical in a potential slip and fall personal injury lawsuit.

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